RO DBT Consultation

We understand that treatment programs come in all shapes and sizes. Let us help you design protocol-adherent adaptations for your setting!

  • Implementation plans and strategies

  • Clinical adherence support

  • Treatment setting adaptations

  • Adolescent and Family interventions

  • Developmental and cultural considerations

  • Expert-led consultation teams

  • Outcome assessment

Heidi Ison, MSW, LCSW, QSP has extensive experience in clinical and administrative functioning in a variety of settings including non-profit organizations, community mental health, in-patient hospitals, collegiate mental health, and group private practice. As a Senior Trainer with Radically Open Ltd. she has worked under the mentorship of Dr. Thomas Lynch since 2017 and participated on the RO DBT Adolescent Steering Committee and the development of the RO DBT Multi-Family Skills Class Protocol.